14 Dec 2015

Quisper presentations on SlideShare

After the successful Quisper launch event in Leuven, Belgium on 8th of December the presentations are finally online!

Or visit the SlideShare Quisper overview page

09 Dec 2015

Quisper animation

Quisper whiteboard animation

09 Dec 2015

Quisper website online

02 Dec 2015

Electronic tools for healthy choices

Technology has a large role to play in helping consumers make healthier choices and delivering significant cost savings to healthcare. Charlotte Holmes of Campden BRI looks at the technologies being developed in this field and describes the EU PRECIOUS project in this article in the FSTJournal. Barbara Korousic Seljak contributes about Quisper, the platform for quality information service for personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice developed by QuaLiFY. Here you find the full article.

16 Nov 2015

Quisper launch in Leuven on 8th December

Quisper - Quality information services for personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice

How can we best use our current understanding of food, genes, and physical traits to design healthier diets tailored for individuals? Quisper is a digital information platform providing scientifically validated nutrition and health data and knowledge that enriches creation of marketable personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice services.

Find out how you can profit from connecting to Quisper – as a data user or provider. Learn from the scientists and developers behind Quisper. Provide your feedback for future improvements of the platform.

The platform will be launched on 8th of December at the Irish College Leuven in Belgium
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17 Sep 2015

Health Data Cooperatives, a healthy way to go!

Viewpoint article by Andre Boorsma, TNO

What if people could really own their health and lifestyle data? What if this could happen in a truly transparent way? What if people would really benefit from this, in the short- and long-term, either through financial incentives or contributing directly to unravelling disease mechanisms and developing better treatments?

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25 Aug 2015

Safe the date! QuaLiFY session at FENS 2015 in Berlin

A whole session of the upcoming FENS conference in Berlin, 20-23 October, is dedicated to QuaLiFY: personalised nutrition: from science to services on 21 October. Don't miss an introduction to Quisper, the server platform for quality information services for personalised nutrition developed by QuaLiFY!

These are our topics:

Check the FENS website for the full program and to register!

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18 Aug 2015

QuaLiFY at 5th MoniQA International Conference

This year's MoniQA International Conference in Porto, 16-18 September, is about food and health – risks and benefits. Siân Astley from EuroFIR AISBL talks about QuaLiFY - Using scientifically credible data to underpin connected health. Meet her in Session 6 on 17th September, which focuses on personalized nutrition, food & health infrastructure, and ICT supported consumer tools.

11 Aug 2015

Self-tracking with Dried Blood Spots

Viewpoint article by Thomas E. Gundersen, Vitas

In a recent publication, Sakhi et al. studied the feasibility of using self-sampled dried blood spots (DBS) as a substitute for blood samples collected by venipuncture in population studies [1]. Invitations, instructions and DBS collection kits were sent to 4600 Norwegian women without prior notification. More than 70% returned the DBS cards, with a huge majority (93%) being packaged and shipped properly. Three quarters of the cards were filled with blood according to the instructions and the quality of samples was consistent with previous reports.

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25 Jun 2015

Cooperation for personalised dietary advice: PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY

PRECIOUS and QuaLiFY (EU-funded projects) are joining forces to co-operate on our dissemination activities!  Both projects are focusing on personalisation of dietary advice for a healthier lifestyle.

PRECIOUS is developing a preventative care system which uses a combination of state of the art motivational interview and gamification principles to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It creates a personalised system that adapts to the users' goals and preferences.

QuaLiFY is developing a platform for scientifically sound nutrition and health data and knowledge rules. The platform will be a starting point not only for further research but also to develop personalised nutritional advice products and services. To find out about joint dissemination activities, take a look at our websites and follow us on social media!

For PRECIOUS: have a look at http://www.thepreciousproject.eu/ to find out more and follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

For QuaLiFY, follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.