Personalised dietary advice - empowering
informed health decisions
QuaLiFY - Nutrition - Health - Exercise -
Genes - Technology
QuaLiFY: IT infrastructure for science based personalised
dietary advice from SMEs

Quantify Life – Feed Yourself

"Eat less and exercise more" – general health guidelines like this have little impact on the behaviour of most Europeans. What about personalised dietary advice - measuring and interpreting relevant data on individuals and giving dietary advice based on specific needs?

QuaLiFY is a 2.5 Mio EU-funded project using results from previous EU-funded projects on food composition and intake, and the relationships between who we are (genotype, phenotype) and what we eat (nutritional status). They will be linked via the QuaLiFY server platform (QSP), developed within the project, which will provide easy access to scientifically-sound data and knowledge rules relevant for developing personalised nutritional advice products and services.

Dieticians and their patients (obese children, children with eating disorders, and type 2 diabetics) will help evaluate some of the products and services. Collaborative business models will be established for the various services and products.